Heart Trophy Mixed Fours

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Dinner Committee Reports Back

The Dinner Committee has tabulated the results from last month’s survey. Fifty members responded and provided useful feedback to guide the dinner program this year and in future years. Here are the Dinner Committee Survey Results. … [Read more...]

Pizza Bowl

Friday, June 15 was not only a normal evening where we welcome the public to try our sport, it was also a salute to our 2018 novices. A fun game of bowls was followed by delicious pizza in Carnarvon House. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" … [Read more...]

Passionate about bowls

Do you have an idea what the I LOVE LAWN BOWLING sign is affixed to at our club? Take your best guess and then find the answer in the Members Only section under Notices.       … [Read more...]

We need you!

Come this October we will be looking for a successor to Shelley Sidel who will be retiring as Club Treasurer. If you are willing to consider helping with this very important part of our Club's operation, please contact Shelley to find out what is involved. We're counting on you; we hope you'll be … [Read more...]

Jubileers get a grip

And get a grip the winners must! To hoist the 25 lb shield Wendy Lubinich and William Whitelaw needed team work, just as they did on the green to overcome the competition. To drop this heavy shield would not only be embarrassing, but painful if it landed on their feet. The 2018 Jubilee Pacific … [Read more...]

Gardeners get down and dirty

Old gardeners never die...they just spade away And spade they do, and weed, and water, and heaven knows what else. These club volunteers are seldom seen but the result of their efforts, like that of many other volunteers in various areas of the club's operation, is visible and appreciated. Some … [Read more...]

South Island Women’s Fours

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Stuff for sale

We have a few items left over from our recent Garden Sale. These have been listed for sale on UsedVictoria here but if you know of someone who might be looking for any of these items, please pass the word along. Thanks. … [Read more...]

June Quaddie

This year's June Quaddie took place on the second day of the month. It was played under ideal weather conditions. Both greens were faster than in previous years making it easier to reach long jacks. Fifty-six members along with a few spares enjoyed a day of friendly competition and … [Read more...]